Tinky Winky wuz here

June 22, 2007

When we wrote Budapest Bardroom founder David Hill to tell him we created this blog he encouraged us to dig into the archives and present a bit of the Bardroom’s history:

“There are tons of photos on bardroom.com that can be transferred to this new site.

“I have a file somewhere listing all the shows and all the people who performed at them. I will dig it out and send it to you, but it might take a few weeks. Then if you google all the past performers, I’m sure a lot of them have blogs that could link to yours.

I think it is worth boasting a bit about the track record of the Bardroom as a long-running, regularly occurring entertainment event ever since 2001, offering music, comedy, poems and storytelling for the audience’s delectation. It’s worth noting that performers have included Benjamin Zephaniah, Dave “Tinky Winky” Thompson, Robert Creeley, Tibor Fischer and Bea Palya – those are probably the most famous names.”

Well, to make a long story not too much longer, we couldn’t find photographs of those famous people but thanks to Google, at least we can offer you Dave Thompson, AKA Tinky Winky. Enjoy!

PS – We’re planning the next event for August 15 and I understand that Jeff Taylor has those details. Jeff?

Dave Thompson

Tinky Winky

We’re tentatively planning the next Bardroom for June 20 and we’ve set up this blog to get the word out. Stay tuned for further developments.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo of one of our illustrious founders, Mr David Hill.

David Hill in black and white


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