RIP Bill Griffiths

September 25, 2007

Bill Griffiths

David Hill wrote to inform us that UK poet, Bill Griffiths passed on last week. Bill read at Bardroom in April 2006. Here’s what the Independent Online had to say:

The poet Bill Griffiths was an extraordinary writer: radical, experimental and scholarly, but also fun. His was the poetry of a biker, a cook, a boat owner and a social historian. He was also a scholar of Old English and dialect who knew how to make his work accessible. Griffiths exemplified the task of poetry without ever wishing to be treated as a poet. Private and uncompetitive, he was at least these things: poet, archivist, scholar, translator, prison-rights campaigner, pianist, historian, curator, performer, editor, short-story writer, essayist, teacher, book-maker and folk loricist.

Bardroom founder, David Hill, wrote to us this week suggesting we offer you these two video clips. K-man agreed: “I bet you could find loads of other clips on YouTube of various Bardroom survivors.”

David Hill: “The first one is Nathan Resika, who sang soul and jazz songs in the Bardroom on two occasions, but is now starring in operas in America.”

David Hill: “The second is Jane Hill, who did an open mic in 2003 reading prose, and now is a published novelist, but in this clip she is doing stand-up comedy.”

If you can point us to any clips of former Bardroom presenters, please send us an email: events AT bardroom DOT com

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, how many words is a video worth?

Ponder that question as you peruse these videos taken by Gabor Mandy at our last Bardroom event, on August 15.

Jeff Taylor opens the evening with his usual aplomb.

Gabor Mandy presents ‘The Worst’. That’s not a criticism of his performance, that’s just the name of the poem.

Heather Hartley reveals her ethnic Hungarian origins.

And finally, Travis Jeppesen explores his dark side.

Gabor has more videos over at YouTube. Meanwhile, we’re planning the next Bardroom event for early October. Watch this space for further details.


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