A moment preserved (mostly), thanks to Jeff Taylor’s student, Vlada

March 2, 2010

These days it seems like everybody had a digital camera. So why go to all of the worry and hassle of assigning somebody to photograph our Bardroom events when all we have to do is ask the Internet?

Unfortunately, relying on the wisdom of crowds doesn’t always ensure you get the best results. This shot of Bardroom hosts, Jeff Taylor and Kalman Farago didn’t turn out half bad. Still, what’s that mysterious object in Jeff’s hand?

This Bardroom event was packed, thanks to Treehugger Dan’s amazing email database. That’s Bardroom co-host, Steve Carlson, who arrived too late to find a seat. To his left, Treehugger Dan, and the usual gang of suspects.

(Why are we showing you this photo? That’s right, we didn’t manage to get a picture of that evening’s headliner, Nicholas T. Parsons.)

Thank you, Gabor Mandy at the open mic!

Hats off to the band (Maggie és a Muzsikások) …

This is the real danger in relying on amateur Internet photography. What if your colleagues decide to blackmail you?

(Actually, those are Jeff Taylor’s students, but we have an over-active imagination.)

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