budapest-tales-2008b.jpgBardroom regulars have by now heard about the upcoming publication of Budapest Tales, which will be the third in a series of Central European compendiums of local writers (after Warsaw Tales, and Prague Tales). The folks at New Europe Writers Ink have also graciously agreed to indulge your procrastinating tendencies and have extended the deadline for submissions to April 4.

We’ve had many questions about where to send submissions, and the short answer is: send them to John aBeckett. He’s waiting breathlessly for your piece of literary genius.

John explains that their three criteria for inclusion, in order of importance, are:


  1. Quality of writing: the work should be expressed in language which is a pleasure to read – whatever the subject matter. This is not to say we require either grammatical or conventional English, but the best writers stand out as those who exercise their language with skill.
  2. Content which reflects contemporary Hungary (not simply Budapest): historic/traditional/heritage works are welcome in as much as they say something about what it is to be alive today. I’d greatly prefer any phrase other than ‘millennial zeitgeist‘ but in two words, that’s it
  3. Poetry or short creative prose (ideally less than 2500 words), and any style or fusion of the two. Preferably not excerpts from novels, although some such do truly stand alone. Stories rather than journalism, criticism or any other ‘ism’.

It’s true. Just ask the internet. Google: get laid in Budapest, and see what you get…

Google results for August 28, 2007

We’re extremely proud of this fact as it provides one more great reason for coming out to the next Bardroom, which we’re expecting to have in early October. So get started on that Writer’s Block right now in anticipation of your big open mike gig.

Oh, and by the way, if you google: sexy Budapest

…we also come up, but like 109th. So we gotta work on that.


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