A good time was had by all last night at the Bardroom. Congratulations to Arlo from Massachusetts for his winning entry in the evenings poetry competition. Just goes to show that humor is always a crowd pleaser:

When I felt his Santa claws,

grabbing at my Xmas balls;

Of my eggnog I took a sip,

and crossed him off my Xmas list

How does Gabor Mandy so often manage to win the poetry competition? At our last event (Nov 29) we award him our special grand prize – a rubber chicken Elvis. (Please don’t ask.) Here is Gabor’s winning submission:

Dawn at the sea.
there’s nothing to hear
except the waves.
No whales,
no birds,
no words,
just the wind is whispering.
Suddenly a girl starts singing
what is, I assume,
an Estonian tune.
The girl is cute,
I’m in my Baltic mood.
I’m wondering – whether
Estonians and Hungarians
are like sister and brother?

Our poetry competition winner was once again, Gabor Mandy:

When you told me, “I love thee,”
you scared the hell out of me.
But that’s all right, I love you too,
it doesn’t matter what you do.
You are wicked, you are mean,
you are the worst I’ve ever seen.
You are my girl. Don’t take me wrong.
This is a Halloween love song.

The winner of last night’s Bardroom writing competition was David A. Hill (not to be confused with Bardroom founder, David Hill). At the end of the evening, David suggested we post the winning exercise to the blog, an idea we found to be excellent.

The assignment was to write a poem, essay or statement inciting the assembled Bardroom collective to rebellion …

We don’t like them, they don’t like us.
We smell of shit, they look like pus.
We wanted peace, they made a fuss.
We dealt in truth, they offered sus.
So here we are, diametrically opposed,
so here we are, our values all deposed,
so here we are, our disrespect supposed,
so here we are, where we’re going no-one knows.

David A. Hill


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