One important feature of the Bardroom is our fabulous quiz questions. Since we’re having so much fun with this blog, we figured why not offer these questions to you’all online. Who knows, maybe Google likes that too …

Q: Who was the first English King of Ireland?
A: Henry VIII

Q: What does ETA stand for, and what’s their flag?
“Basque Homeland and Freedom”; axe with snake coiled around it. (For some odd reason, nobody could come up with the Basque-language name, so this question was disqualified.)

Q: Why are Buddhist monks holding their begging bowls upside down during the Burma protests?
A: So that soldiers, traditionally proud of their good relations with monks,
cannot give them alms and thus perform good deeds.

Q: What city was the primary victim of the 4th Crusade?
A: Constantinople.

Bonus Questions (must answer both): what was the single greatest piece of booty that would subsequently be removed from Constantinople, and where did it go:
A: Crown of Thorns, to Sainte Chappelle in Paris.

Q: What was the name that Vienna’s turn of the century Christian Socialist Mayor used for Budapest?
A: Judapest


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