These days it seems like everybody had a digital camera. So why go to all of the worry and hassle of assigning somebody to photograph our Bardroom events when all we have to do is ask the Internet?

Unfortunately, relying on the wisdom of crowds doesn’t always ensure you get the best results. This shot of Bardroom hosts, Jeff Taylor and Kalman Farago didn’t turn out half bad. Still, what’s that mysterious object in Jeff’s hand?

This Bardroom event was packed, thanks to Treehugger Dan’s amazing email database. That’s Bardroom co-host, Steve Carlson, who arrived too late to find a seat. To his left, Treehugger Dan, and the usual gang of suspects.

(Why are we showing you this photo? That’s right, we didn’t manage to get a picture of that evening’s headliner, Nicholas T. Parsons.)

Thank you, Gabor Mandy at the open mic!

Hats off to the band (Maggie és a Muzsikások) …

This is the real danger in relying on amateur Internet photography. What if your colleagues decide to blackmail you?

(Actually, those are Jeff Taylor’s students, but we have an over-active imagination.)

We’re not so organized as to actually bring a camera, which is why the Bardroom photo archive is hit and miss. This time around, singer / songwriter / guitarist Rachel Hammond was able to help out. Or rather, her boyfriend / handler / photographer / support team. Thank you, Balázs!

Marisa Beahm Klein pleased us with poetry.

Rachel Hammond soothed us with song.

Aubrey Ramage-Lay marched us toward the gates of Hell.

Arlo took an open mic slot and rattled off three poems from memory. Just like that.

Bardroom hosts, Kálmán Faragó and Steven Carlson, waxed eloquent.

At long last we present visual documentation of the recent Bardroom event, held on December 2, 2007. The month rapidly crescendoed into a whirlwind of parties, deadlines, family obligations and shopping mall adventures. Hoped you weathered it all as well as we did!

This was our first event hosted with Treehugger Dan and we’re planning the next one for early February. Details to follow.

Neil McCarthy on Dec 2, 2007

Irish poet, Neil McCarthy, let us have it with both barrels.

Dani Danyi on Dec 2, 2007

Talented local poet, Dani Danyi has earned the sobriquet Dani Squared.

Neil Barnett on Dec 2, 2007

Neil Barnett taught us a thing or two about Josip Brod Tito.

Niall Connolly on Dec 2, 2007

The crowd-stirring, rabble-rousing, guitar-strumming Niall Connolly serenaded us.

Neil Barnett on Dec 2, 2007 (2)

Neil Barnett, was suddenly called away on assignment.

Who here can take photos?

October 25, 2007

So bear with us, folks. We’re just going through the photos of the last Bardroom and, well, let’s just say there’s a bit of room for improvement. Frankly, we need to make sure the photographer at our next event is a teetotaler. But anyway …

David A Hill reads us a tale of adultery

David A. Hill (not to be confused with Bardroom founder David Hill) got us off to a ripping start with a gripping tale of adultery and urban legends.

Adam Lebor reads about Arabs and Jews

Adam LeBor spun a mesmerizing historical tale of Arab and Jewish families in the Palestinian (Israeli) city of Jaffa.

Jeff Taylor’s rant

Good lord, how do we describe this? Jeff Taylor tied together homosexuality, the Catholic Church and the Greek origins of Western culture in his updated lecture entitled “The Michelangelo Code II.”

Marc Nasdor goes for it

Marc Nasdor’s poetry … what adjectives come to mind? Relentless, zany, inventive. The man has a knack for combining words and phrases in a completely nonsensical but intuitively obvious way that had us literally gasping for air.

Hanna and Edit

The cool thing about writing a blog like this is you can post photos of your girlfriend and daughter in a completely shameless manner. Anyway, thanks to the Nyittot Muhely for hosting the event. Credit also to Jeff Morsman and Gabor Mandy who regaled us at the open mike. See you all again in December!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, how many words is a video worth?

Ponder that question as you peruse these videos taken by Gabor Mandy at our last Bardroom event, on August 15.

Jeff Taylor opens the evening with his usual aplomb.

Gabor Mandy presents ‘The Worst’. That’s not a criticism of his performance, that’s just the name of the poem.

Heather Hartley reveals her ethnic Hungarian origins.

And finally, Travis Jeppesen explores his dark side.

Gabor has more videos over at YouTube. Meanwhile, we’re planning the next Bardroom event for early October. Watch this space for further details.


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